Instructions for Ordering

If you are paying BEFORE picture day

Enter the School Code found on your order form in the BEFORE PHOTO DAY login form to the left. Remember to complete your order form and send it with your child to school so your pictures will be distributed with the rest of the class's photos.

If you are paying AFTER picture day

Enter your SAFE CHILD CODE, PROOF CODE, or LAST CHANCE CODE in the AFTER PHOTO DAY login form to the right. Complete the online order and your order will be shipped directly to your home.

If you do not have a code

Enter the code “school late order” in the box on the right to process your payment. Late orders will be processed after the date your school photos are distributed to classrooms.


Photos will be delivered to your school.
Code expires at midnight on the day of photos.


Photos will be mailed to your home.
Use "school late order" if you have no code.

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